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New development opportunities for industrial tablet computers

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Industrial tablet computer application in education, food and beverage, health care industry get extensive attention and further industry application, in education, food, medical and other multiple industry to flex its muscles. Experts predict that by 2015, China's industrial Tablet PC sales in the industry will reach the sales volume, sales will reach $.

(a) the medical profession

"Industrial tablet computers enable us to automate the management of the operation process, without increasing the operation room and manpower, the workload is increased by 10% each year, the completion time and error of the chart is reduced by 67-69%." Where the Derby University Medical Center (VUMC), said the tablet to help save a lot of administrative expenses and time.

Doctors handheld tablet, while the inspection report, while asking patients to restore the situation. After that, the doctor prescribed the day for the patient. Tablet with portability, complete function become mobile treatment tool: connected medical records, laboratory reports and various monitoring instrument of diagnosis and treatment, help the medical staff at any time to master each patient's medical record information and the latest report of diagnosis and treatment, making diagnosis and treatment plan of interrogation at the same time.

Where the Derby University Medical Center (VUMC) is a famous medical institution in Tennessee, the hospital's beds and operation room distribution in 8 locations. VUMC health care workers with tablet PCs, instant access to patient vital signs information, laboratory data, and streaming video from the point of care, and then assess the progress of patients treated by mobile networks. Clinicians can provide all kinds of information in the form of screen display and text, which can be timely and prompt to deal with emergencies, so as to improve the safety of medical treatment. In addition, the tablet is the anesthesiologist's right-hand man, help anesthesiologists to closely monitor the patient's vital signs state, understand the operation progress, receiving warning information from a plurality of operating room, and provide real-time advice for multiple surgeries.

Under the promotion of construction of digital medical and remote consultation, the tablet will be applied to mobile rounds, mobile care, mobile dispensaries, inventory management. In 2012, the Chinese market for tablet PCs in the field of medical treatment to reach the stage; by 2015, the size of the tablet PC in the medical field will reach.

(two) industrial automation industry

In addition, the Industrial Panel PC can meet the industrial automation industry demand for simplifying the operation and pure touch control of industrial tablet will be popular.

(three) traffic industry

The mobility of the traffic police work, the staff responsible for ensuring road traffic orderly, safe, smooth, unable to use information tools such as computer processing business in the office place. Frontline staff often need to check a lot of information in real time, but the current communication is a single, more difficult to deal with emergencies, emergency or large workload business. In addition, the first line of business is more complex, multi link, multi batch, multi location of the duplication of work leads to omissions and errors in the risk. If you can file the final processing content to the unit system in real time, it will reduce the workload and improve the working efficiency. Mobile transportation solutions rely on the tablet PC terminal will be extended to the front line staff side. Traffic police use the tablet PC connected to the remote data center system server to achieve business processing, information search, contact and communication and other functions.

Industrial Tablet PC will help the wisdom of the traffic, real-time license plate information in real time query, moving to assess the damage, illegal punishment, at any time to query the relevant information and documents. In 2012, the Chinese market is applied to the field of transport Tablet PC to reach the station; by 2015, the scale of the field of transportation will reach the tablet PC.

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