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Industrial development trend of Internet of things and big data technology in 2016

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Motion control and motor association summarized the development trend of several technologies including industrial IIoT, big data and predictive maintenance, including several technologies in 2016.

Now the technology trends are related to connectivity and access to information in the world. It is important to understand the trend of technology in advance. 2016 manufacturers should pay close attention to the technology, including big data, predictive maintenance, industrial networking and transparent plant operation of intelligent energy monitoring.

Production capacity for security support

Safety support is one of the trends in the production capacity of manufacturers seeking to exceed the protection of the operator and the equipment outside the protection of a wider range of performance. Some companies are using safe speeds to make all kinds of operations more productive and to achieve the continuity of operations by reducing the frequency of delays.

Sensor and predictive maintenance

Nowadays, many intelligent components use the sensor to realize the comprehensive state monitoring. The sensor comprises a near distance sensor, a position or a speed sensor, a temperature sensor, a pressure sensor, an accelerator and a current sensor. The state information transmitted by these sensors can be used for predictive and preventive maintenance. The integrated sensor data collected by the enterprise can help the system to monitor when the equipment is worn or damaged. With the extraction and transmission of data for the maintenance of the analysis of the use of the interface device connection, the sensor can greatly save costs.

Big data and its role in the factory

Big data technology helps businesses to filter the data flow, identify useful information and help companies to obtain useful results. Those companies that make plans, clearly want to solve the problem, determine the required data and the effective use of information will gain a competitive advantage. Big data also requires strict computing resources and understanding of the latest developments and trends of information technology personnel.

Industrial Internet of things

All the discussion will lead us to the industrial networking and value is said to have 280 billion of the connected devices market. Industrial Internet of things does not include sensors, smart moving parts, communication nodes, environmental control and other equipment. The purpose of the industrial Internet of things is to reduce downtime, delivery time, reduce inventory levels, simplify customer customization and improve efficiency.

Intelligent plant

Sensor connectivity, connectivity and connectivity of the Internet of things and the functionality of the big data will continue to promote enterprise data mining to cultivate practical insight. This level of transparency will help to improve the performance and profitability of the entire enterprise from the equipment operator to the management level.

According to the implementation, information can be obtained in a few minutes or even in real time. Management can view information such as the efficiency of the operating equipment, production capacity and conversion time. Maintenance and system integrators and other parameters such as current consumption and load curve can be obtained through mobile phone.

Source: OFweek industrial network

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1Industrial development trend of Internet of things and big data technology in 2016

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