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New development opportunities for industrial tablet computers

Industrial tablet computer application in education, food and beverage, health care industry get extensive attention and further industry application,... [More+]

06 2016-05

Industrial Tablet PC is conducive to the safe production of food industry

At present, China's food industry, even if it is China's top ten brands of food, in the production and process also exist some pollution probl... [More+]

06 2016-05

Ministry of Communications: the next 10 to 15 years will continue to adhere...

Ministry of Communications: the next 10 to 15 years will continue to adhere to and rely on toll road policyRelease time [14:27:55 2016-03-03] users br... [More+]

06 2016-05

Evak technology in military industry user / application scheme, which use t...

1 military industry user program / application has the following 3 points:(1) used in the field as a front end observation center, tied up with the gl... [More+]

06 2016-05

Evak technology video analysis special notebook computer (type: EPU-5217-V)...

Is mainly used for public security video industry investigation application system solutions, allow video image to serve the practical police work, sh... [More+]

06 2016-05
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