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Congratulations of Dongguan EVAK established

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Since established, EVCK Technology Co., Ltd. has made great achievements step by step.

With the further expansion of the company, in 2021, the company will go to a new level and purchase a new office space in Dongguan Jindi Zhihui Gang. We would work in this independent office from July 2021.

On July 17 2021, the company held a grand housewarming celebration.

Let’s see the celebration scene.


Basketball flowers


opening ceremony


General manger speech

The marketing center also came to congratulate and send gifts.


Let's visit our new  working office.


Bright And Spacious Office


2000㎡ Producing department


high-low temperature test chamber


High temperature aging test room


The relocation not only creates a good working environment for employees, but also is a sign that the company has the confidence and strength to create better performance, and also witnessed the rapid development of the company in recent years, sincerely wish the company business is growing better and better!


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