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The charging standards of the company according to the operation cost and risk and develop, apply only to the company all product warranty period and non free warranty.

Service area and charge standard

] to provide on-site service area: including Chengdu, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou City, other regional cost accountable.

Home service fee: 200 yuan / day (beyond half day, less than one day by one day); traffic charges: according to the actual amount charged;

The return to factory maintenance charges include: maintenance and freight.

Maintenance costs: parts of the value of *1.2+ service charges 200 yuan / times; freight: in accordance with the actual charges.

Two, maintenance quote

The client receives the fault repair, detect fault and fax quotation to customers, be sure the customer return and do after, shall be granted a repair returns.

Three, maintenance invoices

- if you need invoice, fee to the company's business account.

- if you do not need the invoice, direct payment to the company in charge of personal account.

Four, service response time

- working time: Monday to Friday 8.30 to 17.30 receive customer service request (except national holidays). If you need to work overtime and other special circumstances, the two sides negotiate, customers pay overtime.

The maintenance time: from the customer to do after 7 working days in good repair. If there are special circumstances such as the production of the original model, the two sides negotiated.

Five, after-sales service center contact

- Tel: 0755-84191660/1-823

- mail: server@evak.cn