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Ministry next year will be the main target of intelligent manufacturing industry to increase the value of the target lock 6%

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National industrial and information work conference held in Beijing 24. Reporters learned that the Ministry will strive to maintain the steady operation of the industry, 2016 above scale industrial added value growth target is set at about 6%, will be aimed at smart manufacturing main direction, to promote the development of the depth of the integration of the two.

Industry is "steady growth" the main battlefield

Since 2015, in the face of difficulties and challenges of the industry continued to increase downward pressure, the ministry launched the 2025 China manufacturing, industrial structural adjustment steady growth efficiency series of important measures to complete the network speed drop charges, "Internet plus" and a number of actions concerning the overall situation, long-term focus.

Ministry minister Miao Wei at the meeting said, "is expected to throughout the year, the above scale industrial increase value increased by about 6%, energy consumption reduced by 6%, to reduce water consumption by 5% per unit of industrial added value; software and information technology services revenue growth of 16%, telecom business volume, the business income compared to the same growth of 25% and 2%.

Through innovation driven, China's steady growth and structural adjustment to open a new situation, manufacturing power strategy in steady progress. It is understood that the first three quarters of this year, China's high-tech industries increased by 10.4%, faster than the industrial growth rate of 4.2 percentage points. Automotive industry 6, 7, three, 8 months, a substantial decline of about 25%, but the production of new energy vehicles in 1 to September reached two to one, an increase of 3 times over the same period last year.

"In the past, we used to rely on the resources, energy, labor and cost, the advantages of these factors have been greatly changed. Now we mainly rely on innovation driven development, rely on reform to stimulate the vitality, the transformation of the old and new power has changed." Miaowei said.

In addition, the production of these products, such as industrial robots and high-end servers, is growing exponentially. The first aircraft C919 large passenger aircraft this year formally, our self-developed ARJ21-700 aircraft also officially delivered in this year.

The main goal of the meeting was proposed in 2016, the scale of industrial added value increased by about 6%, energy consumption decreased by 4%, the unit of industrial added value of water consumption decreased by 4.5%. Telecommunications industry, the Internet industry, software and information technology services revenue grew by 3%, 25% and 14%.

Main attack intelligent manufacturing

The meeting proposed in 2016 will be aimed at the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, promote the development of the depth of the integration of the two.

The new generation of information technology and industrial integration of the development of a new trend, intelligent manufacturing is increasingly becoming a major trend in the future development of manufacturing industry and core content. To promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, the manufacturing is also a major trend in the industry development, promote the industry to high-end forward, an important measure to build a manufacturing powerhouse, but also the new normal to create new advantages in international competition, the inevitable choice.

Huai, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of industry, pointed out that in order to digital, networked, intelligent as the core features of the intelligent manufacturing mode, is becoming an important direction of the industrial development and changes will also trigger a new round of revolution in the manufacturing industry and to build global manufacturing industry a new pattern of competition. China to build manufacturing power, we must firmly grasp the development trend of manufacturing industry, accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing.

Intelligent manufacturing is the core of a new round of industrial revolution, only through intelligent manufacturing, in order to drive the development of the digital level and intelligent level of each industry." Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Hequan think.

Therefore, meeting the requirements of the implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering and support the high-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots, increasing material manufacturing, intelligent sensing and control, intelligent detection and assembly, intelligent logistics and warehousing five key equipment innovation and application. Continue to implement intelligent manufacturing pilot action to determine more than 60 new model pilot demonstration projects.

At the same time, the Ministry of industry and deepen the development of Internet plus "manufacturing industry innovation and development roadmap to guide the preparation of the Internet and manufacturing integration. Further promote the integration of the two management system, the overall framework of the development of the standard system and roadmap. Enhance the capacity of industrial information security.

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