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Introduction and performance characteristics of portable charging machine

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Portable charging machine (hereinafter referred to as: portable machine, also known as: Portable Lane Toll machine, emergency charging machine) is a set of complete Lane Toll System, after simplified, miniaturized and integrated in a single device, including host computer and special keyboard, printer, IC card reading and writing device, a bar code card of the main equipment, through the network access to existing toll collection system, so as to realize the charge (or card).

Portable Luqiao charging machine design idea is to ensure the collection of road toll, and can integrate into the entire charging system, charging system to accept the supervision and control of the charging process. When used to increase the processing capacity of a single toll lane, portable machine and the original charging equipment (i.e., fixed in the toll booth charges of equipment) working in parallel, greatly improving the processing speed of the vehicle charging.

Product introduction

I Secretary for the production of portable computer to toll the demand as the basis, according to the nature of the work environment, for industrial computer modeled on the design, complete function, high stability, easy to carry.

Portable charging machine

Model: TPC-3000-A

Performance characteristics

Product performance

1, the whole mold. The shell material is high strength aluminum magnesium alloy structure and the surface is treated with anti scratch coating. The appearance is delicate, beautiful, wear-resisting, strong. Light weight (only 8.3Kg).

2, high reliability. Internal fittings with rubber shock absorber, the whole seismic; designed according to GB4943-2001 national standard of "safety of information technology products", the electronic accessories of the design of electromagnetic compatibility, anti-static, anti interference ability; perfect integration of printer

Connection with the host, print invoices smooth, not a paper jam, installation invoice is extremely simple, and the standard of traffic trade JT/T603-2004 the toll road non contact type IC card transceiver card "certification.

3, to solve the problems of the owners of the long-term problems of ticket printing card printing. The printer runner exposed, convenient toll installation and use invoices, improve work efficiency; at the same time in the bottom of the chassis is provided with a cover plate, convenient for cleaning printer scraps of paper, so as to improve the reliability of the products.

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